World Fuel Charter Fifth Editionworld fuel charter

Engine manufacturers published fuel quality recommendations.





EPA Corrosion Investigation Studyepa

Investigation of corrosion-influencing factors in underground storage tanks with diesel service

EPA Corrosion Investigation Study



Ethanol Blended Fuelscropped-dixon-icon-2-new2.png

White paper on the problems and solutions for ethanol blended fuels.

ethanol blended fuels white paper

Ethanol Blended Fuels Presentation

Biobor Additivescropped-dixon-icon-2-new2.png


To order go to Dixon Online Store


Glossary of Filtration Termscropped-dixon-icon-2-new2.png




EPA’s Comments and Approval of Isobutanolepa

Isobutanol is approved as a Second-Generation Biofuel

04062018 EPA Comments Isobutanol Final Comments



Chevron Motor Gasolines Techical ReviewChevron_Logo_svg

Technical review and guideline for Chevron products

chevron motor-gas-tech-review



Understanding Emulsified Water Filtrationifc

Abstract from IFC 2018 Conference

Understanding Emulsified Water Filtration from DF

EPA UST Manualepa

Operating and Maintaining Underground Tanks

EPA UST Manual 2016



Battelle Study on Corrosion in Diesel StorageBattelle-150x150

Study on corrosion in ULSD storage systems


Battelle Presentation on Corrosion

Dangers of Contaminationcat

Catepillar study on contaminated fuel

DANGERS OF CONTAMINATION Cat article on mining equip



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