Fuel and Tank Cleaning Training

Over the last several weeks, I have been in the field training technicians how to clean tanks and maintain clean, dry fuel.  Fuel quality does not just happen all by itself.  It takes a trained fuel quality technician operating a quality filtration and cleaning machine to get the job done.  One of the ways Dixon Pumps differentiates itself among other fuel and tank cleaning equipment manufacturers is by providing in-field technician training. Take a look at the results of the last few training sessions.


We train technicians on the proper use of field equipment, giving them an advantage over others with little to no training. From learning how the machines operate, to proper site set-up as well as managing expectations.  Some of the biggest challenges happen in the field when a technician comes across something they have never seen before.  We help them to understand how common “new problems” can be in the field.  Alleviating fears and instilling confidence in the process and equipment they operate helps the technician to overcome obstacles that many never do.

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Our Mobile Tank Cleaning Unit, pictured above, is just one of several quality products Dixon Pumps manufactures.  We believe in manufacturing quality products that are simple to operate.  Combine this with the in-field training and you have a recipe for success. Let Dixon help you!  Give us a call or email us for information and pricing.

Testing Fuel for Acidity

acid number test

Acidity is one of the major indicators of diesel fuel quality. Diesel fuel that has degraded will have a higher acidity level and be out of spec. Understandably, high acidity damages both dispensing equipement and engines. Common damage includes pitted fuel injectors and premature failure of fuel system components.

An easy and inexpensive way to determine the acidity of your fuel is to field test it with one of Dixon’s field test kits. Order a simple Acid Field Test Kit today from Dixon Pumps Cleaning and Filtration online store. The test is easy to use and results are instant.

Don’t Be Confused

It has become common to refer to fuel filtration or fuel polishing as tank cleaning. Don’t be confused! They are two different processes.

Fuel filtration, often referred to as fuel polishing, involves to cleaning of the liquid only. While there is some benefit to the cleanliness of the tank below the liquid level, it is not tank cleaning and should not be referenced as such.

Tank cleaning is most often one of two processes. The first involves manned or robotic entry into a tank amd includes the use of high pressure devices and scrappers to remove slug and mass contaminates.

The second involves the use of high pressure jet nozzles that are lowered into the tank. They rotate on a timing gear and clean the tank without manned entry. These devices are generally preferred over manned entry due to the reduced liability associated with a person enter a confined space.

Dixon Pumps is one of very few companies that offers a portable system that does both filtration and tank cleaning. So don’t be fooled by others that only do one or the other.

Dixon’s high quality cleaning and filtration systems are manufactured in the United States and made with ease of use and safety in mind.

Check out our systems at http://www.dixonpumps.com.

Field Testing Fuel

field tests

Regular testing is an important part of managing today’s fuels. Fuels degrade more rapidly than they did a decade ago. Poor fuel quality costs everyone. The only sure way to know is to test the fuel. Dixon has tests that can be completed in the field for instant or near instant results available for purchase.

Water test

Water Detection Field Fuel Test Kit

The water kit detects suspended and separated free water in diesel, biodiesel and fuel blends. It takes approximately 10 minutes to quantify the amount of water in your fuel by a range of parts per million.

  • 0-500 ppm:         Particles are white
  • 500-1000 ppm: Light pink
  • 1000 + ppm:       Dark pink (purple in dyed fuel)

microbial detection2

Microbial Detection Field Fuel Test Kit

The microbial kit detects microbial growth in diesel, biodiesel and fuel blends. It is an easy to use test and provides results in 48-72 hours.

  • PASS:    No change in your sample
  • FAIL:      Color change or visible mold/microbial growth

acid number test

Acid Number Field Fuel Test Kit

The acid number kit detects the presence of acid in all fuels. It determines the acid level, not the pH as pH is related to water and not fuel. If the test kit detects an acid level greater than 1, then this is an indication of a problem and further testing is advised.

ethanol test

Ethanol Detection Field Fuel Test Kit

The ethanol kit detects the presence of ethanol in all fuels. It takes less than 10 minutes for results. Kit includes fuel testing tube with cap, pipette and vial of blue testing fluid.

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