Tank Cleaning Field Report


Do you know what lurks in your tank?  I spent the last week in Quito, Ecuador cleaning diesel tanks and training field technicians to do the same. Amazing what we found – microbial contamination, dirt, sand, deteriorated fuel and even a plastic bag.

20190109_130136Working at high altitudes, lifting fuel 16 feet at 9,000 feet of elevation was no easy task. Much less effectively cleaning fuel and tanks that had never been cleaned before.  Amazingly, we were able to clean three tanks in two days and the big take-away for all of my trainees were – expect the unexpected.  In my lifetime of working with fuels, I am constantly finding new things and learning.  Just when you think you have seen it all, something new comes up.

Using our Dixon Mobile Tank Cleaning Unit with a Gamajet nozzle, we were able to clean the tank walls then filter the remaining diesel for an excellent result. Contact Dixon for help with your tanks!

Killer Contamination


Imagine having almost ten gallons of contaminants in your fuel tank like the picture shown above.  The site owner had been replacing filters more frequently and noticed higher than usual maintenance costs on his fuel equipment. Imagine the surprise at what was found in the bottom of the tank.

Sample your fuel to determine visual clarity.  If the fuel looks bad something must be done.  In the case of the contaminated fuel, the fuel sampled had become contaminated over a short period of time. Microbes were eating the fuel and leaving behind an acidic byproduct in the tank.   The contaminants removed from the tank were part of a larger problem.  The acids found in the bottom and mid-tank samples, a by-product of the microbial infection, were eating away at the fuel system components.

It was estimated that the contaminated fuel had cost the owner more than 35% higher maintenance costs on his fuel system. It likely cost him customers as well. Do you know what is in your tank? Dixon Pumps sells fuel samplers and equipment to clean your tank and fuel. Call us and we will help you find the answer.