Fuel and Tank Cleaning Fact vs. Fiction

Reality Check

Fuel contamination and dirty tanks are a reality for tank owners today. Poor fuel quality is responsible for rising costs for tank and fuel system owners.

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Liability issues caused by microbial influenced corrosion abound. The tank owner is faced with skyrocketing maintenance costs and liabilities that were not a problem a decade ago. Contaminated fuel attributes to the corrosion issue, part of the larger global corrosion problem costing over $2.5 trillion dollars each year. Corrosion represents the single largest expense in the US economy, 6.2% GDP. Today’s tank owners are having trouble coming to grips with the cost of bad fuel. Separating fact from fiction will help identify an acceptable solution to dirty tanks and contaminated fuel.

Fiction often begins with the idea that tank and fuel cleaning is too expensive. Fact exposes the truth – you cannot afford to have dirty tanks and fuel. The rising cost of equipment, maintenance and liability issues are all attributed to contaminated fuel. The cost benefit of clean tanks and fuel far outweigh the cost to clean.

Fiction includes believing your tanks and fuel are clean. Fact – almost 75% of fuel sampled contain moderate to serious contamination. Exposing the dangers of blind belief that your tanks are clean is a necessary step to taking appropriate action. A fuel sampler is an investment worth making. Monitoring devices and water finding paste can fail. The most effective way to determine what is in your tank is to take a bottom sample.

Helping tank owners peel away fact from fiction is key to reducing the costs associated with contaminated tanks and fuel. Identifying cost effective options to clean and maintain tanks will help owners to take the necessary steps to fuel quality management and tank maintenance. Call Dixon Pumps at 1-800-874-8976 or check out our Online Store where you can order a fuel sampler and much more.


Spill Containment

general spill kit

Having efficient spill cleanup and containment products is an imperative to maintaining a safe and clean worksite. Our spill containment products are manufactured with the highest standards. Dixon provides kits and refill items for all kits. Check out our online store to order.

  • 5 Gallon spill kit
  • 17 Gallon spill kit
  • 25 Gallon spill kit
  • 55 Gallon spill kit
  • 55 Gallon refill pack
  • 18”x18” Absorbent pillows
  • 15”x19” Absorbent pads (bales of 100)
  • 8”x10’ Absorbent boom
  • 5”x10’ Absorbent boom
  • 3”x4’ Absorbent sock
  • 33”x40” Yellow disposable enviro-bags with ties (160/roll)
  • 55 Gallon yellow poly drum with bolt locking lid (unfilled)
  • 3’x6’ Portable containment pool
  • 4’x8” Portable containment pool


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