Fuel and Hurricane Preparedness

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With a major hurricane set to make landfall next week, tensions are up and readiness activities are well underway.  One the of most important and often overlooked preparations is a simple generator fuel quality check. Do you know what is in your tank? In recent years, the statistics remain the same – bad fuel accounts for 75% or generator failures during an emergency. It is not too late to check your fuel quality. Get a bottom sample and make sure it is clean and clear. Make this a priority before bad fuel becomes a serious liability. Call Dixon Pumps at 1-800-874-8976 for advise on how to be prepared.


Emergency Power

generatorHow Important is Fuel Quality?

The question for those depending on emergency power remains, “How important is preparation?”

History shows us that fuel quality has not been a priority in storm season preparation and yet bad fuel quality accounts for 90% of diesel engine failures.  If a fuel quality management program is not a part of storm preparation, then disaster is likely.

Fuels have a very short lifespan compared to those a decade ago.  A fuel quality management program should be a major part of an emergency operations plan and not a last minute thought.  Once the storm is off your coast, it is too late to think about. Call Dixon Pumps and ask the experts what can be done. Or check out our website for more information.