Don’t Be Confused

It has become common to refer to fuel filtration or fuel polishing as tank cleaning. Don’t be confused! They are two different processes.

Fuel filtration, often referred to as fuel polishing, involves to cleaning of the liquid only. While there is some benefit to the cleanliness of the tank below the liquid level, it is not tank cleaning and should not be referenced as such.

Tank cleaning is most often one of two processes. The first involves manned or robotic entry into a tank amd includes the use of high pressure devices and scrappers to remove slug and mass contaminates.

The second involves the use of high pressure jet nozzles that are lowered into the tank. They rotate on a timing gear and clean the tank without manned entry. These devices are generally preferred over manned entry due to the reduced liability associated with a person enter a confined space.

Dixon Pumps is one of very few companies that offers a portable system that does both filtration and tank cleaning. So don’t be fooled by others that only do one or the other.

Dixon’s high quality cleaning and filtration systems are manufactured in the United States and made with ease of use and safety in mind.

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