Spill Containment

general spill kit

Having efficient spill cleanup and containment products is an imperative to maintaining a safe and clean worksite. Our spill containment products are manufactured with the highest standards. Dixon provides kits and refill items for all kits. Check out our online store to order.

  • 5 Gallon spill kit
  • 17 Gallon spill kit
  • 25 Gallon spill kit
  • 55 Gallon spill kit
  • 55 Gallon refill pack
  • 18”x18” Absorbent pillows
  • 15”x19” Absorbent pads (bales of 100)
  • 8”x10’ Absorbent boom
  • 5”x10’ Absorbent boom
  • 3”x4’ Absorbent sock
  • 33”x40” Yellow disposable enviro-bags with ties (160/roll)
  • 55 Gallon yellow poly drum with bolt locking lid (unfilled)
  • 3’x6’ Portable containment pool
  • 4’x8” Portable containment pool

Author: mycleanfuel

Dixon Pumps Cleaning and Filtration Business Development Manager with extensive experience in the field of fuel and tank cleaning.

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