Diesel Fuel Know How

All fuel contains trace amounts of water. Most people assume they are purchasing clean fuel, rarely questioning cleanliness. How clean is the fuel you are purchasing?

Fuels are not what they were a decade ago. Since the EPA mandated the reduction of sulfur and the use of biofuels, end users are experiencing increased fuel quality issues. In its 2016 study, the EPA discovered 90% of diesel tanks contained ethanol contamination suggesting cross-contamination is also a major problem.

Recent studies have confirmed that ethanol contamination and the hydrodesulfurization process are likely the main cause of corrosion in fuel systems and engines. Therefore, fuel cannot go unmanaged. Monthly inspections are necessary. Sample fuel, immediately remove water when found, use biocides properly and clean your tank regularly.

Without regular fuel quality management, problems and costs will rise. Dixon Pumps is a solutions driven cleaning and filtration company. Call us today or check out our CleanFuel website for more information.

Author: mycleanfuel

Dixon Pumps Cleaning and Filtration Business Development Manager with extensive experience in the field of fuel and tank cleaning.

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