Fuel System Inspections


Despite all of the advances in fuel system technology, regular physical inspections are necessary and required in most areas. The EPA publishes a UST Manual that covers the operation and maintenance of underground storage tanks. Broward County publishes Your Florida Petroleum Storage Tank Facility Inspection Guide that provides valuable information and guidance on what to look for when inspecting a fuel system. Regardless of where your system is located, both of these publications are helpful.

Part of the inspection process includes identifying water and corrosion problems. If they are present, then further investigation is required. Both indicate a potential problem with fuel quality. Simply adding fuel sampling to your inspection process can help identify and reduce serious issues. Purchase a bottom sampler from Dixon Pumps and start sampling your fuel today.

Noting water and corrosion issues without acting upon the problem will allow continued deterioration of your system. Once found, it is important to identify where the problem originates.

Bottom sample your fuel monthly – at least. If water is present, have it pumped out immediately. Consider using a biocide to protect your system from microbial infection. Microbes are a main source of system corrosion. Water is where they live. Keeping your system clean and dry is essential to reducing corrosion.

Author: mycleanfuel

Dixon Pumps Cleaning and Filtration Business Development Manager with extensive experience in the field of fuel and tank cleaning.

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